Grower Services

Onsite Laboratory

Research & Innovation – we have a strong emphasis on innovation in all parts of the business and also contract our science and research services to industry. We have conducted formal research into alternative kiwifruit bud breaking enhancement products on a range of varieties and have researched packaging and storage techniques that enhance fruit storage performance


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Post Harvest

We have a clear focus on maximising export fruit recovery from the fruit presented by the Grower and employ some very advanced and innovative quality management systems to achieve this. It is a skill and an art to stay inside Zespri’s very stringent grade standards while maximising the packing efficiency of our Growers fruit but sill meeting Zespri’s stringent in market fruit quality performance standards.


The coolstorage game is all about minimising storage fruit loss but at the same time storing for as long as possible in order to maximise monetary benefits to the grower in the form of net time payments. The art and skill in fruit storage is all about fruit quality reliability right into our global consumers fruit bowl. We claim industry leadership in this space

Orchard Management & Leasing

Punchbowl operate our own major Gold and Green orchards adjacent to and near its post harvest base. We also have a large number of lease orchards ranging geographically from Helensville in the North to Te Kohana South of the Waikato river. Our leases include a number of long term leases where we have financed the conversion from traditional Hayward Green through to the new and highly productive Gold 3 variety. Additional we have a range of shorter term leases including the Green and Gold 3 varieties with a range of contract structures tailored to suit the needs of our property owning lessees.

We have developed a specific skill set in the management of the Auckland soil types and have a focus on maximising productivity and financial outcomes to the business and our property lessees.

While PSA arrived deep in the South Auckland area in 2011 and largely destroyed the Hort 16A crop, Punchbowl’s home 16A Orchard has remained PSA free until at least Spring 2014. We have achieved this very significant feat in the face of heavy PSA pressure by employing some very innovative ground breaking control techniques.

We are always on the lookout for new orchard lease opportunities and our grower liaison contact Hayley …… 021 will be keen to make contact with you.

We also offer a full range of labour and machinery contracting, extensive PSA control advice, crop estimation, kiwi green monitoring, production monitoring, GAP audits.